Vehicle Breakdowns Linked to Contaminated Fuel at Morrisons Stations Prompt Investigation


Motorists are being alerted to potential car malfunctions tied to ‘contaminated’ gasoline procured at certain Morrisons fuel stations. Specifically, patrons who refuelled at a Morrisons station in Bristol have reported incidents of their vehicles losing power shortly thereafter.

Reports have emerged from the Hartcliffe location, suggesting that gasoline dispensed on Sunday, February 18, may have been tainted, posing a risk of vehicular damage to consumers who utilized the service that day.

The situation led to considerable inconvenience for several customers, with some cars becoming inoperable and remaining at the site, and a few instances where motorists required towing services.

Although the precise cause of the fuel issue remains undetermined, speculation among the community is rampant. Morrisons has acknowledged the issue, stating that an investigation into the matter is underway.

Social media platforms have become a venting ground for affected individuals. One affected motorist recounted, that her ‘car would start after filling up from the Morrison Petrol Station’ echoing the sentiments of others facing similar predicaments.

In a related incident, drivers in Wiltshire experienced car breakdowns after using unleaded gasoline from a Morrisons station in Chippenham. Following a handful of customer complaints regarding the unleaded fuel at this location, a spokesperson for Morrisons commented, “We’re investigating a few complaints related to unleaded gasoline usage at our Chippenham station. As a precaution, we’ve temporarily halted unleaded petrol sales, though diesel and super unleaded remain available.”

Morrisons has issued apologies to those affected by the breakdowns after refuelling at their stations, underscoring their commitment to resolving the issue.