The Toyota Aygo 2011-2018: Is It Worth Your Consideration As A Used Small Car?

Navigating the Cityscape: Is the Toyota Aygo the Ideal Urban Companion?

Toyota Aygo Review

In the quest for a dependable and economical used small car, the Toyota Aygo, spanning from 2011 to 2018, often surfaces as a noteworthy contender and so it should, at Quality Used Motors we love this little gem. The period from 2011 to 2018 encapsulates the first generation’s later years and the dawn of the second generation, each bringing its own charm and set of enhancements. Without further ado, let’s delve into the nuances of the Toyota Aygo’s offerings, evaluating its merits, potential pitfalls, and overall suitability as a pre-owned purchase.

The Aygo’s Journey: From Humble Beginnings to Urban Icon

The First Chapter: Setting the Stage

The Toyota Aygo’s initial foray into the city car market was marked by its aim to provide an agile, efficient, and distinctive option for the urban explorer. Between 2011 and 2014, the first-generation Aygo carved out a niche for itself with a blend of economy, manoeuvrability, and a dash of stylistic flair. Its compact form and spirited performance made it a favourite among those navigating the bustling cityscapes darting in and out of traffic, and don’t forget those small car parking spaces.

A Bold New Direction: The Second Generation

The unveiling of the second-generation Aygo in 2014 was a watershed moment, signifying Toyota’s deep understanding of urban mobility’s evolving landscape. This new iteration brought with it a striking design overhaul, showcasing a bold X-centric front grille that immediately set it apart from its peers. The move was not just about aesthetics; it reflected a deeper commitment to offering a car that was as enjoyable to look at as it was to drive.

Elevating the Experience: Interior and Connectivity Upgrades

The transformation extended to the interior, where passengers were greeted with improved material quality and a more intuitive layout. The infotainment system received particular attention, evolving into a more sophisticated platform that offered seamless integration with smartphones, courtesy of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This focus on connectivity catered to a generation of drivers for whom digital integration is not just a luxury but a necessity. Basically everyone under 55 years old

Advancing Safety: A Forward-Thinking Approach

It’s good to know that safety features were significantly enhanced in the second generation Aygo, with Toyota introducing a suite of advanced driver assistance systems. These upgrades not only provided peace of mind but also positioned the Aygo as a leader in safety within the compact car segment. The inclusion of such technologies underscored Toyota’s commitment to driver and passenger protection, reflecting the brand’s holistic approach to vehicle design.

A Spectrum of Choices: Trim Levels for Every Driver

Toyota Aygo Trim

The Aygo’s appeal was further broadened by a diverse array of trim levels, ensuring there was a model to suit every taste and budget. From the entry-level x, which didn’t skimp on style or efficiency, to the top-tier x-clusiv, equipped with the full gamut of comfort and tech features, Toyota offered a ladder of options. This variety meant that whether buyers were in the market for a basic urban commuter or a feature-rich compact car, the Aygo lineup had something to meet their needs.

Through strategic upgrades and a keen eye for the demands of urban driving, the Toyota Aygo has evolved into a symbol of modern city mobility. Its journey from a straightforward compact car to an urban icon encapsulates Toyota’s dedication to innovation, style, and the diverse needs of today’s drivers. In our opinion, Toyota nailed it with the Aygo.

A Closer Examination of Its Strengths and Weaknesses


Fuel Efficiency: Beyond Mere Numbers

The Toyota Aygo’s engines exemplify Toyota’s mastery in creating fuel-efficient vehicles. With an average fuel consumption figure that is commendably low, drivers can expect to achieve upwards of 65 miles per gallon (mpg) on combined cycles with certain models. This level of efficiency is not only beneficial for reducing fuel costs but also minimises the car’s environmental footprint, making the Aygo an ideal choice for the eco-conscious urbanite.

Manoeuvrability: Mastering the Urban Maze

Thanks to its compact footprint, the Aygo shines in crowded city environments. Its length of just under 3.5 meters and tight turning radius make it adept at slipping into small parking spots and navigating narrow streets with ease. This agility transforms urban driving from a chore into a more enjoyable and stress-free experience, proving that good things indeed come in small packages.

Reliability: A Testament to Toyota’s Legacy

Toyota’s well-earned reputation for building durable and dependable cars is clearly evident in the Aygo. Many owners report high satisfaction levels, with vehicles often surpassing 100,000 miles without major mechanical failures. This durability is backed by numerous consumer surveys and reliability indices, where the Aygo consistently scores well, reflecting Toyota’s commitment to quality and longevity.


Space: The Compact Trade-Off

Toyota Aygo Boot

While the Aygo’s diminutive size is a boon for urban driving, it does come with compromises in interior space. The boot offers around 168 litres of storage capacity, which, while adequate for daily errands, may prove limiting for longer trips or larger cargo needs. Rear passenger space is also compact, suitable for short journeys but potentially snug for taller adults or longer distances.

Performance: City Bound by Design

Equipped with a 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine, the Aygo is optimised for city life, delivering sufficient power for stop-start urban traffic. However, on motorways, the engine’s modest output means overtaking requires careful planning, (unless it’s a tractor), and fully laden trips can see the Aygo straining under the weight. While this doesn’t detract from its urban credentials, it’s an aspect to consider for those regularly venturing beyond city limits.

Road Noise: A Common Compact Car Challenge

In line with many cars in its segment, the Aygo can exhibit noticeable road noise at higher speeds. Although not overwhelming, it’s more pronounced compared to larger, more insulated vehicles. This characteristic is a byproduct of its lightweight construction and compact size, aspects that contribute to its efficiency and agility but can affect noise levels on longer, faster journeys.

Pinpointing the Perfect Aygo Model

Optimal Selection: The x-play Sweet Spot

Choosing the right Toyota Aygo model involves balancing feature desires with budget constraints, and within the landscape of the second-generation Aygo (post-2014), the x-play variant emerges as a particularly compelling option. This mid-tier model harmoniously blends value with versatility, incorporating essential modern conveniences that enhance the driving experience without breaking the bank. The inclusion of air conditioning as standard addresses comfort on the move, crucial for maintaining a pleasant environment inside the car throughout the year. The 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system represents a significant leap in onboard technology, providing intuitive access to media, navigation, and vehicle settings, along with seamless smartphone integration via Bluetooth. This blend of features makes the x-play an attractive proposition, offering a well-rounded package that suits the majority of driver needs.

Consistent Approval: The Aygo’s Enduring Appeal

A Steady Beacon of Satisfaction

The Toyota Aygo’s journey through the years has been met with consistent acclaim from owners and critics alike, solidifying its position with a commendable consumer star rating averaging around 4 out of 5. This endorsement is not merely about numbers; it reflects the car’s ability to deliver on its promises of reliability, efficiency, and driving enjoyment. Owners appreciate the Aygo for its frugality at the fuel pump, its agility in urban settings, and its surprisingly robust build quality, which collectively serve to exceed expectations for a car in this segment. These positive assessments affirm the Aygo’s standing as a car that reliably meets the practical needs of its drivers, offering peace of mind and satisfaction in ownership.

Yes. The Toyota Aygo Is The Urban Dweller’s Ideal Companion

To sum up, the Toyota Aygo (2011-2018) stands out as an astute choice for those navigating the market for a pre-owned compact car. By merging Toyota’s esteemed reliability with a design that’s both efficient and stylish, the Aygo positions itself as a top contender for urbanites and those desiring a vehicle that’s adept at conquering the cityscape. Although it may present certain limitations in space and performance, these are characteristic trade-offs of the compact car domain and are far outweighed by the vehicle’s numerous strengths. For prospective buyers seeking a used car that excels in practicality, economy, and dependability, the Aygo not only deserves consideration but also a spot at the top of the list, marking it as a judicious pick for the discerning urban explorer.