Adrian Newey Crowned 2024 World Car Person of the Year


A Triumph in Formula One Engineering

In a prestigious accolade that celebrates the most influential figures in the automotive world, Adrian Newey OBE has been named the 2024 World Car Person of the Year. This honour comes as a testament to his exceptional contributions to Formula One racing, particularly highlighting his role in Red Bull Racing’s historic achievements during the 2023 season. Newey, serving as the Chief Technical Officer and the mastermind aerodynamicist behind the design of the RB19, has propelled Red Bull to the forefront of the sport.

Red Bull Racing’s Aerodynamic Architect Honoured

Adrian Newey’s genius in aerodynamics has been instrumental in Red Bull Racing’s record-breaking run in the 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship. Under his guidance, the RB19 emerged as an unparalleled force on the track, securing 21 victories out of 22 races. This not only clinched Red Bull’s sixth Constructors’ Championship but also secured Max Verstappen’s third World Championship title. Newey’s innovative design principles have set a new benchmark in racing, influencing the strategic direction of competitors across the board.

With a distinguished career spanning over 35 years in Formula One, Adrian Newey has amassed more than 200 wins, showcasing his enduring legacy and expertise in the field. His recent accolade as the 2024 World Car Person of the Year, awarded by a panel of over 100 international journalists from 29 countries, underscores his unmatched impact on the world of motorsports. Newey’s visionary approach and relentless pursuit of excellence have cemented his status as one of the most formidable figures in Formula One history.

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